Fremantle Seafood Market

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Had supper at Fremantle Seafood Market over at Clarke Quay. We chose the indoor seats, although there were outdoor seats where you can indulge in alcohol. Do note that indoor area may not open till late; we were told it closes at 10pm, but we still saw people streaming indoors around 10pm.

We ordered our drinks - I had the Mai Tai which was basically a rum cocktail, while SparklingOrStill had his ginger beer.

We ordered the Frolic platter for 2. This was huge and took up almost all the space on our little table. It consisted of shrimps, mussels, jellyfish, oysters, sashimi, squid, smoked salmon, smoked trout, olives, mozarella-stuffed tomatoes. All the seafood were very fresh, although SparklingOrStill thinks the oysters weren't that good. I seldom eat oysters, so am no expert here.

We ordered the grilled fish to share. Herein lies the problem - we have no idea if this fish is barramundi or white hamachi. We had a pretty blur waiter who recommended barramundi, but we chose hamachi in the end. But when the bill came, it stated barramundi instead. Nonetheless, we loved this dish. The fish was succulent, tender and sweet. It came on a bed of mashed potatoes and sauteed lotus roots and carrots. The lotus roots were crunchy and a unique side you seldom see.

I love escargots, so we ordered one. I would prefer it to be served in its shell, but here, they served it on toast with butter, herbs and pine nuts. It was still good and very buttery. The escargot did feel a little small, though.

We heard the fish and chips were good too, so we ordered to share. Indeed, the fish was also very fresh and flaky. The batter did not have any 'oily' smell to it. The chips were good; they were not over-fried and you can taste the potato within each chip.


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